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4.10- Certified Patent Valuation Analyst New / In English

  • Valuation of Emerging Technologies
  • Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns
  • Calculating Damages Resulting from Patent Infringement
  • Advanced Patent Valuation
Target audience
  • Intellectual property managers
  • Licensing managers
  • Technology transfer professionals
  • Patent lawyers
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Training content

Valuation of Emerging Technologies

  • In depth review of valuation methodologies : Cost, Income, Market, Monte Carlo, Real Options, Reasonable Royalty, Probability Weighted Expected Return Methods, Bayesian Analysis, Binomial Lattices, Markov Chains.
  • Introduction to the Patent Valuation Gauntlet (PVG) which takes into account commercial value, assertion value, blocking value, cross-licensing value, reputational value as well as patent invalidity risks and design around risks.
  • Excel sheets with 40 valuation methodologies are included with the registration.

Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns

  • How to maximize the value from your licensing agreements.
  • When to use and how to negotiate the following licensing terms: Royalty rates, Upfront payments and milestones, Granting options to take a license, Royalty stacking, Sublicensing issues, Fields of use, Most favored nation licensing, Managing litigation, Royalty audits.
  • Live sessions feature a Negotiating Battle™, with an interactive simulated licensing negotiation.

Advanced Patent Valuation

  • Tremendous value can be gained (or squandered) through the drafting of patents. The value of a promising technology can be nullified through sloppy claims construction.
  • Review best practices for: Balancing broad versus narrow claims/Getting the mix of independent and dependent claims right/Managing interactions with patent examiners/Selecting and defining the most appropriate terms/Managing the pace of patent review

Calculating Damages Resulting from Patent Infringement

  • Numerous judicial rulings and the proliferation of non-practicing entities threatens patent value. On the other hand, the value of patents can surge when sustaining invalidity challenges.
  • Review basic tenets of patent infringement such as: Reasonable royalties/Lost profits/Price erosion/Market size/Reputational damage/Market spoilage/The Georgia-Pacific factors/The 25% rule/Cost of next best alternatives/Running royalties vs. lump-sum payments
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Date :
Duration : 2 days
Price :
Level : 3- Advanced
Prerequisite(s) : Aucun
Trainer(s) : David Wanetick (Managing Director)
In partnership with :
Business Development Academy
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