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IEEPI launches a new Master’s degree in English: Master Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT)

Published on Monday October 17th, 2022

In order to meet the training needs of its clients in the field of technology transfer, IEEPI is launching the Master 2 Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT), in partnership with the University of Strasbourg and Solvay Brussels School!

The master is scheduled from March to December 2023, in 6 training modules:


In today’s knowledge economy, intellectual property assets play an increasingly important role. The development of open innovation, the exponential increase in the number of patents and patent litigations, and the development of IP intermediation tools are leading to the emergence of new professions.

In particular, technology transfer (TT) and licensing activities are becoming critical issues and require highly skilled people. TT managers must have skills in a very wide range of fields (scientific, legal, IP, finance, negotiation, project management, etc.).


One of the ways to improve the quality of technology transfer and innovation in Europe is to promote the professional skills and support the career development of TT managers. The Master KTT thus aims to consolidate the knowledge and professional skills of TT managers but not only. It is also aimed at a wider public wishing to be made aware of the challenges of technology transfer and valorization.

The Master KTT offers a high quality training covering the whole range of technology transfer activities for professionals with significant experience, as well as for industry professionals:

  • The program covers all the skills required for activities related to knowledge and technology management, licensing and assignment.
  • It is intended for technology or knowledge transfer officers, technology transfer managers, business project managers, IP experts, IP lawyers or consultants involved in technology transfer activities, consultants and entrepreneurs, whether in the private or public sector.


The Master KTT is organized in such a way as to make it possible to combine the training with a full-time job:

  • It is structured in 6 modules spread over 10 months:
    • 4 modules at the University of Strasbourg (France),
    • 2 modules at the Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium),
      within the “Solvay Long Life Learning” component.
  • The training is offered entirely face-to-face and in English.
  • Each module lasts from 3 to 5 days and is devoted to a specific theme.
  • A Master’s thesis must be written at the end of the study program.
  • Case studies, interactions and sharing of best practices between participants and the training team are encouraged.


The Master KTT relies on a pedagogical committee composed of actors from the FSEG and Solvay Brussels School who contribute to the recruitment, animate the training modules and chair the validation juries. They are Patrick Llerena, Julien Pénin and Bruno Van Pottelsberghe.

Non-exhaustive list of speakers:

  • Alfred CHAOUAT, Vice President Licensing – Interdigital
  • Cedric DONCK, Professor, Solvay Brussels School – EM
  • Dietmar HARHOFF, Professor, Ludwig-Maximillian Institute
  • Patrick LLERENA, Professor, University of Strasbourg – BETA
  • Sophie PASQUIER, Principal Licensing Counsel – Philips IP / President – L.E.S. France
  • Julien PENIN, Professor, University of Strasbourg – BETA
  • Jean-Christophe TROUSSEL, Patent Attorney
  • Bruno VANDERMEULEN, IP Lawyer
  • Bruno VAN POTTELSBERGHE, Professor, Solvay Brussels School – EM
  • Olivier WITMEUR, Professor, Solvay Brussels School – EM


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