Education and Quality

Guarantee of quality 

  • IEEPI is certified ISO 9001 for the scope: “vocational training”
  • Is also certified Qualiopi for the following category: TRAINING ACTIONS

Quality of infrastructures

  • IEEPI is housed in a modern building located in the city center of Strasbourg, close to the train station and a quality hotel.
  • Your satisfaction is our first concern: at the end of each session, an individual assessment is conducted. The analysis of these assessments allow us to measure the practical usefulness of the session, the acquired skills and the overall quality of the training. Your remarks help us satisfy you and improve our services.

The five key points of our training approach

  • An updated offer: the combination of a permanent monitoring of the news in the IP field and our Board of Forecasting and Research (composed of experts from the world of business and research) allows us to anticipate and provide training constantly renewed and up-to-date.
  • A business-oriented approach: our courses are developed in close collaboration with a network of professionals in the field. The trainings are reviewed and continuously improved and are delivered in a practical and interactive manner.
  • Enthusiasts trainers: for each topic, the IEEPI involves the best specialists of the moment. The selection is based on criteria of technical expertise, teaching skills and commitment.
  • An optimal learning environment: the training environment is adapted to the needs of the participants: group size voluntarily limited, variety of the teaching methods (case studies, simulations, presentations, exchange of best practices …).
  • Particular attention paid to SMEs: specific themes are addressed and reduced prices are dedicated to SMEs.