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4.16 – Technology transfer market analysis and strategies In English

Les objectifs
  • Be able to detect the markets and trends for intellectual property commercialisation.
  • Master the evaluation process of a patent and of a patent portfolio.
  • Manage the IP exploitation strategies (contract research, IP protection and licensing).
Public concerné
  • TTO managers in private or public company
  • Business development managers
  • Licensing executives
  • IP practitioners
  • Contract managers
  • Technology transfer managers.

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Contenu de la formation

Analysis of the technology

  • Diagnostic phase: assessing transferability readiness
  • How to measure the quality of the patent?
  • Ranking and clustering your invention portfolio by quality and technology

Identifying potential buyers

  • Methods for detecting and selecting strategic partnership
  • Manage efficiently the relationships

Building a market for intellectual property, best practices

  • TT and licensing landscape
  • Technology and IP marketplaces: selecting the most suitable
  • Global trends in technology marketing and IPR management

Exploitation strategies

  • Contract research
  • IP protection and licensing
  • Due diligence
  • Spin-off creation
  • Financing
  • Design a TT-strategy within a given budget

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