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Master KTT

Master KTT (Knowledge and Technology Transfer)

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Start in September 2024 and be graduated in 2025!


In Strasbourg (France)

In partnership with the University of Strasbourg, IEEPI is pleased to launch the Master 2 program in Knowledge and Technology Transfer (KTT).


The KTT Master’s degree covers the full range of skills required for activities related to knowledge and technology management, technology transfer, licensing and divestment.

The training program is led by academic and professional experts who provide both a strategic and operational dimension.


  • Delivering a high quality training covering the whole scope of technology transfer activities for professionals with significant experience and to newcomers.
  • The training covers all skills required for activities related to knowledge and technology management, Licensing in and Licensing out.

Targeted audience

This course is designed for TTO / KTO (Technology Transfer Officer or Knowledge Transfer Officer), TT managers, Project managers, Business managers, IP experts or IP lawyers, consultants linked directly or indirectly to technology transfer activities. The course is developed for professionals, from both public and private institutions, entrepreneurs and consultants.

A flexible format

  • 6 modules spread over a few months period in order to allow applicants reconciling training with a full-time work.
  • Each module lasts for 3- to- 5 days and is dedicated to a specific theme.
  • A Master’s thesis has to be written for the end of the curriculum.
  • It can be followed over 2 calendar years.

Programme Director

  • Professor Patrick LLERENA from the University of Strasbourg – BETA,

Modular training


  • Admission based on application (followed by interview if necessary).
  • Master 1 degree or equivalent (240 ECTS credits).
  • Requires a high level of English (B1/B2).


  • Written exams.
  • Writing and defence of a Master’s thesis.
  • Upon successful completion of the examinations you will be awarded 60 ECTS credits.

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